“2022 Combinatorics Workshop” (2022 조합론 학술대회) was held from September 30 to October 1, 2022 at GIST, Gwangju

The 2022 Combinatorics Workshop (2022 조합론 학술대회) was held from September 30, 2022 to October 1, 2022 at GIST, Gwangju. There were 4 invited talks and 9 contributed talks.

Invited talks

Contributed talks

  • Zixiang Xu, IBS ECOPRO
  • Mark Siggers, KNU
  • Alexander Clifton, IBS DIMAG
  • Stijn Cambie, IBS ECOPRO
  • Jun Gao, IBS ECOPRO
  • Minho Cho (조민호), KAIST
  • Nika Salia, IBS ECOPRO
  • Jaeseong Oh, KIAS
  • Jungho Ahn, KAIST / IBS DIMAG

Organizing Committee

Host and Sponsors

The MATRIX-IBS Workshop “Structural Graph Theory Downunder II” was held from March 20 to March 27

The MATRIX-IBS Workshop “Structural Graph Theory Downunder II” was held from March 20 to March 27 at Creswick, Victoria, Australia. This program is supported by MATRIX and the Discrete Mathematics Group (DIMAG) of the Institute for Basic Science (IBS, Korea). MATRIX is a residential research institute for the mathematical sciences in Australia.


  • Rutger Campbell (IBS Discrete Mathematics Group, Korea)
  • Katie Clinch (University of Melbourne, Australia)
  • Marc Distel (Monash University, Australia)
  • Jackson Goerner (Monash University, Australia)
  • Pascal Gollin (IBS Discrete Mathematics Group, Korea)
  • Daniel Harvey (Ballarat, Australia)
  • Kevin Hendrey (IBS Discrete Mathematics Group, Korea)
  • Robert Hickingbotham (Monash University, Australia)
  • Tony Huynh (Monash University, Australia)
  • Thomas Lesgourges (UNSW Sydney, Australia)
  • Freddie Illingworth (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Bojan Mohar (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
  • Michael Payne (La Trobe University, Australia)
  • Youri Tamitegama (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Jane Tan (University of Oxford, UK)
  • David Wood (Monash University, Australia)


  • David Wood (Monash University, Australia)
  • Tony Huynh (Monash University, Australia)
  • Sang-il Oum (KAIST and Institute for Basic Science, Korea)
  • Alex Scott (University of Oxford, UK)
  • Liana Yepremyan (Emory University, USA)

“2021 Combinatorics Workshop” was held from December 20 to December 22, 2021 at Yangpyeong

The 2021 Combinatorics Workshop (2021 조합론 학술대회) was held from December 20, 2021 to December 22, 2021 at the Bloomvista, Yangpyeong. There were 5 invited talks and 12 contributed talks.

Invited Speakers

Speakers of the contributed talks

  • Jungho Ahn, KAIST / IBS DIMAG
  • Jin-Hwan Cho, NIMS
  • Linda Cook, IBS DIMAG
  • Cheolwon Heo, Sungkyunkwan University
  • Seonghyuk Im, KAIST
  • Hyobin Kim, Kyungpook National University
  • Minki Kim, IBS DIMAG
  • Hyemin Kwon, Ajou University
  • Hyunwoo Lee, KAIST
  • Sang June Lee, Kyung Hee University
  • Jaehyeon Seo, KAIST
  • Semin Yoo, KIAS

Organizing Committee

Participants (50 people, all of whom are fully vaccinated against COVID-19)

  • Jungho Ahn, speaker, KAIST / IBS DIMAG
  • Sejeong Bang, session chair, Yeungnam University
  • Rutger Campbell, IBS DIMAG
  • Debsoumya Chakraborti, IBS DIMAG
  • Eun-Kyung Cho, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
  • Hyunsoo Cho, Ewha Womans University
  • Jin-Hwan Cho, speaker, NIMS
  • Jeong-Ok Choi, organizer/session chair, GIST
  • Linda Cook, speaker, IBS DIMAG
  • Taehyun Eom, KAIST
  • Cheolwon Heo, speaker, Sungkyunkwan University
  • Seonghyuk Im, speaker, KAIST
  • Jihyeug Jang, Sungkyunkwan University
  • Dosang Joe, NIMS
  • Donggyu Kim, KAIST / IBS DIMAG
  • Donghyun Kim, Sungkyunkwan University
  • Dongsu Kim, invited speaker, KAIST
  • Hyobin Kim, speaker, Kyungpook National University
  • Jaehoon Kim, KAIST
  • Jang Soo Kim, Sungkyunkwan University
  • Jinha Kim, IBS DIMAG
  • Minki Kim, speaker, IBS DIMAG
  • Seog-Jin Kim, session chair, Konkuk University
  • Doowon Koh, Chungbuk National University
  • Hyemin Kwon, speaker, Ajou University
  • O-joung Kwon, Incheon National University / IBS DIMAG
  • Dabeen Lee, IBS DIMAG
  • Duksang Lee, KAIST / IBS DIMAG
  • Hyunwoo Lee, speaker, KAIST
  • Joonkyung Lee, invited speaker, Hanyang University
  • Sang June Lee, speaker, Kyung Hee University
  • Seung Jin Lee, Seoul National University
  • Hong Liu, invited speaker, University of Warwick, UK
  • Ben Lund, IBS DIMAG
  • Suil O, invited speaker, SUNY Korea
  • Jaeseong Oh, KIAS
  • Sang-il Oum, organizer/session chair, IBS DIMAG / KAIST
  • Jae Hyun Park, Kyung Hee University
  • Seonjeong Park, invited speaker, Jeonju University
  • Jaehyeon Seo, speaker, KAIST
  • Seunghyun Seo, session chair, Kangwon National University
  • Heesung Shin, organizer/session chair, Inha University
  • Mark Siggers, Kyungpook National University
  • Jaebum Sohn, Yonsei University
  • Minho Song, Sungkyunkwan University
  • U-keun Song, Sungkyunkwan University
  • Jeong Hyun Sung, Seoul National University
  • Tuan Tran, IBS DIMAG
  • Sounggun Wee, KAIST / IBS DIMAG
  • Semin Yoo, speaker, KIAS

Host and Sponsors

DIMAG had the online workshop “Young Researchers in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics” on October 20-22, 2021.

On October 20-22, 2021, DIMAG had an online workshop “Young Researchers in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics” organized by Tuan Tran and Casey Tompkins. There were 7 invited talks a day for three days.

Invited Speakers & Program

Oct. 20 Wednesday 4 PM (KST) – 8 PM (KST)

  • Andrzej Grzesik (Jagiellonian University): Degenerated generalized Turán numbers of cycles, 4:00-4:25
  • Jan Volec (Czech Technical University): Existence of common graphs with large chromatic number, 4:30-4:55
  • Balázs Patkós (Rényi Institute): Vector sum-intersection theorems, 5:00-5:25
  • István Tomon (ETH Zurich): Small doubling, atomic structure and ℓ-divisible set families, 5:30-5:55
  • Michael Anastos (Freie Universität Berlin): Longest Cycles in Sparse Random Graphs and Where to Find Them, 6:30-6:55
  • Adam Zsolt Wagner (Tel Aviv University): Constructions in combinatorics via neural networks, 7:00-7:25
  • Yelena Yuditsky (Université libre de Bruxelles): On multicolor Ramsey numbers and subset-coloring of hypergraphs, 7:30-7:55

Oct. 21 Thursday 4 PM (KST) – 8 PM (KST)

  • Kevin Hendrey (IBS Discrete Mathematics Group): Extremal functions for sparse minors, 4:00-4:25
  • Simona Boyadzhiyska (Freie Universität Berlin): Ramsey simplicity of random graphs, 4:30-4:55
  • Shagnik Das (National Taiwan University): Schur’s Theorem in randomly perturbed sets, 5:00-5:25
  • Tony Huynh (Monash University): Subgraph densities in minor-closed classes (and beyond), 5:30-5:55
  • Ander Lamaison (Masaryk University): Hypergraphs with minimum uniform Turán density, 6:30-6:55
  • Ben Lund (IBS Discrete Mathematics Group): Maximal 3-wise intersecting families, 7:00-7:25
  • Liana Yepremyan (London School of Economics): Enumerating independent sets in Abelian Cayley graphs, 7:30-7:55

Oct. 22 Friday 4 PM (KST) – 8 PM (KST)

  • Andrey Kupavskii (CNRS): Binary scalar products, 4:00-4:25
  • Dániel Gerbner (Rényi Institute): Exact results for generalized Turán problems, 4:30-4:55
  • Oliver Janzer (University of Cambridge): Tiling with monochromatic bipartite graphs of bounded maximum degree, 5:00-5:25
  • Nika Salia (Rényi Institute): Pósa-type results for Berge Hypergraphs, 5:30-5:55
  • Debsoumya Chakraborti (IBS Discrete Mathematics Group): Mixing time and expanders, 6:30-6:55
  • Wei-Tian Li (National Chung Hsing University): Ramsey Properties for V-shaped Posets in the Boolean Lattices, 7:00-7:25
  • Dimitry Zakharov (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology): Zero subsums in vector spaces over finite fields, 7:30-7:55

DIMAG hosted “The 2nd East Asia Workshop on Extremal and Structural Graph Theory” at Jeju

From October 31 to November 4, 2019, IBS discrete mathematics group hosted the 2nd East Asia Workshop on Extremal and Structural Graph Theory in Jeju. It is a workshop to bring active researchers in the field of extremal and structural graph theory, especially in the East Asia such as China, Japan, and Korea. Participants have great chance to discuss recent progress in graph theory, interesting open problems, finding new potential collaborators, and exploring the beautiful island.

Invited Speakers

  • Ping Hu, Sun Yat-Sen University, China
  • Jaehoon Kim, KAIST, Korea
  • O-joung Kwon, Incheon National University and IBS Discrete Mathematics Group, Korea
  • Joonkyung Lee, University of Hamburg, Germany
  • Binlong Li, Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
  • Hongliang Lu, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China
  • Abhishek Methuku, IBS Discrete Mathematics Group, Korea
  • Atsuhiro Nakamoto, Yokohama National University, Japan
  • Kenta Noguchi, Tokyo University of Science, Japan
  • Kenta Ozeki, Yokohama National University, Japan
  • Boram Park, Ajou University, Korea
  • Yuejian Peng, Hunan University, China
  • Zi-Xia Song, University of Central Florida, U.S.A.
  • Tomáš Kaiser, University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic.
  • Maho Yokota, Tokyo University of Science, Japan.
  • Xuding Zhu, Zhejiang Normal University, China


ToshikiAbeYokohama National University
JunghoAhnKAIST / IBS Discrete Mathematics Group
SejeongBangYeungnam University
IlkyooChoiHankook University of Foreign Studies
Jeong OkChoiGIST
ShinyaFujitaYokohama City University
AlexanderGavrilyukPusan National University
PascalGollinIBS Discrete Mathematics Group
KevinHendreyIBS Discrete Mathematics Group
PingHuSun Yat-sen University
TomášKaiserUniversity of West Bohemia
Dong YeapKangKAIST / IBS Discrete Mathematics Group
GenKawataniTokyo University of Science
DonggyuKimKAIST / IBS Discrete Mathematics Group
Jeong HanKimKIAS
Seog-JinKimKonkuk University
YounjinKimEwha Womans University
O-joungKwonIncheon National University / IBS Discrete Mathematics Group
Young SooKwonYeungnam University
DabeenLeeIBS Discrete Mathematics Group
DuksangLeeKAIST / IBS Discrete Mathematics Group
JoonkyungLeeUniversity of Hamburg
Sang JuneLeeKyung Hee University
Hui LeiNankai University
BinlongLi Northwestern Polytechnical University
HenryLiuSun Yat-sen University
HongliangLuXi’an Jiaotong University
JieMaUniversity of Science and Technology of China
YulaiMaNankai University
RyotaMatsubaraShibaura Institute of Technology
AbhishekMethukuIBS Discrete Mathematics Group
Atsuhiro NakamotoYokohama National University
KentaNoguchiTokyo University of Science
Sang-ilOumIBS Discrete Mathematics Group / KAIST
KentaOzekiYokohama National University
BoramParkAjou University
JongyookParkKyungpook National University
YuejianPengHunan University
YoshioSanoUniversity of Tsukuba
YongtangShiNankai University
MarkSiggersKyungpook National University
Zi-XiaSongUniversity of Central Florida
CaseyTompkinsIBS Discrete Mathematics Group
GuanghuiWangShandong University
DouglasWestZhejiang Normal University
Hehui WuShanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences
MahoYokotaTokyo U Science
XinZhangXidian University
XudingZhuZhejiang Normal University


  • Seog-Jin Kim, Konkuk University, Korea.
  • Sang-il Oum, IBS Discrete Mathematics Group, Korea and KAIST, Korea.
  • Kenta Ozeki, Yokohama National University, Japan.
  • Hehui Wu, Shanghai Center for Mathematical Sciences, China.

DIMAG had its first workshop “2019-1 IBS Workshop on Graph Theory”

DIMAG had its first workshop “2019-1 IBS Workshop on Graph Theory” on February 11 and 12, 2019. There were 6 invited talks — Jeong Han Kim (KIAS), Cory T. Palmer (Univ. of Montana), Martin Balko (Charles Univ.), Dong Yeap Kang (KAIST), Boram Park (Ajou Univ.), and Dániel Gerbner (Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics). We would like to thank all speakers and participants.

The talks are recorded but due to technical problems, only four talks are available online.

2019-1 IBS Workshop on Graph Theory (Feb. 11-12, 2019). Registration due: Jan. 28

The Discrete Mathematics Group (DIMAG) at the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) will have its first workshop in Feb. 11-12, 2019. If you want to participate, then please register by January 28 on the website. We plan to provide accommodation for speakers and selected participants requested during the online registration.

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