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Young Researchers in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 - Friday, October 22, 2021

Zoom ID: 554 788 7710 (507464)

The aim of the Young Researchers in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics is to bring together early career researchers working on these topics.  The workshop will consist of several  25 minute talks across three days from October 20 to 22, 2021.  Due to Covid the workshop will be held online.

Invited Speakers & Program

Oct. 20 Wednesday 4 PM (KST) – 8 PM (KST)

  • Andrzej Grzesik (Jagiellonian University): Degenerated generalized Turán numbers of cycles, 4:00-4:25
  • Jan Volec (Czech Technical University): Existence of common graphs with large chromatic number, 4:30-4:55
  • Balázs Patkós (Rényi Institute): Vector sum-intersection theorems, 5:00-5:25
  • István Tomon (ETH Zurich): Small doubling, atomic structure and $\ell$-divisible set families, 5:30-5:55
  • Michael Anastos (Freie Universität Berlin): Longest Cycles in Sparse Random Graphs and Where to Find Them, 6:30-6:55
  • Adam Zsolt Wagner (Tel Aviv University): Constructions in combinatorics via neural networks, 7:00-7:25
  • Yelena Yuditsky (Université libre de Bruxelles): On multicolor Ramsey numbers and subset-coloring of hypergraphs, 7:30-7:55

Oct. 21 Thursday 4 PM (KST) – 8 PM (KST)

  • Kevin Hendrey (IBS Discrete Mathematics Group): Extremal functions for sparse minors, 4:00-4:25
  • Simona Boyadzhiyska (Freie Universität Berlin): Ramsey simplicity of random graphs, 4:30-4:55
  • Shagnik Das (National Taiwan University): Schur’s Theorem in randomly perturbed sets, 5:00-5:25
  • Tony Huynh (Monash University): Subgraph densities in minor-closed classes (and beyond), 5:30-5:55
  • Ander Lamaison (Masaryk University): Hypergraphs with minimum uniform Turán density, 6:30-6:55
  • Ben Lund (IBS Discrete Mathematics Group): Maximal 3-wise intersecting families, 7:00-7:25
  • Liana Yepremyan (London School of Economics): Enumerating independent sets in Abelian Cayley graphs, 7:30-7:55

Oct. 22 Friday 4 PM (KST) – 8 PM (KST)

  • Andrey Kupavskii (CNRS): Binary scalar products, 4:00-4:25
  • Dániel Gerbner (Rényi Institute): Exact results for generalized Turán problems, 4:30-4:55
  • Oliver Janzer (University of Cambridge): Tiling with monochromatic bipartite graphs of bounded maximum degree, 5:00-5:25
  • Nika Salia (Rényi Institute): Pósa-type results for Berge Hypergraphs, 5:30-5:55
  • Debsoumya Chakraborti (IBS Discrete Mathematics Group): Mixing time and expanders, 6:30-6:55
  • Wei-Tian Li (National Chung Hsing University): Ramsey Properties for $V$-shaped Posets in the Boolean Lattices, 7:00-7:25
  • Dimitry Zakharov (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology): Zero subsums in vector spaces over finite fields, 7:30-7:55

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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
Friday, October 22, 2021
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Zoom ID: 554 788 7710 (507464)


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