Vadim Lozin, Graph problems and monotone classes

Room B332 IBS (기초과학연구원)

Very little is known about critical properties of graphs in the hierarchy of monotone classes, i.e. classes closed under taking (not necessarily induced) subgraphs. We distinguish four important levels in this hierarchy and discuss possible new levels by focusing on the Hamiltonian cycle problem. In particular, we obtain a number of results for this problem

Yongho Shin (신용호), Three-way online correlated selection

Room B332 IBS (기초과학연구원)

Two-way online correlated selection (two-way OCS) is an online algorithm that, at each timestep, takes a pair of elements from the ground set and irrevocably chooses one of the two elements, while ensuring negative correlation in the algorithm's choices. OCS was initially invented by Fahrbach, Huang, Tao, and Zadimoghaddam (FOCS 2020, JACM 2022) to break

Jane Tan, Semi-strong colourings of hypergraphs

Room B332 IBS (기초과학연구원)

A vertex colouring of a hypergraph is $c$-strong if every edge $e$ sees at least $\min\{c, |e|\}$ distinct colours. Let $\chi(t,c)$ denote the least number of colours needed so that every $t$-intersecting hypergraph has a $c$-strong colouring. In 2012, Blais, Weinstein and Yoshida introduced this parameter and initiated study on when $\chi(t,c)$ is finite: they

IBS-DIMAG workshop on combinatorics and geometric measure theory

Room B109 IBS (기초과학연구원)

Website: Arrival Date: July 14, 2024 Sunday. Departure Date: July 20, 2024 Saturday. Organizers Ben Lund (IBS Discrete Mathematics Group) Doowon Koh (Chungbuk National University) Sang-il Oum (IBS Discrete Mathematics Group / KAIST)

2024 Summer School on Combinatorics and Algorithms (2024 조합론 및 알고리즘 여름학교)

Bldg. N1, KAIST

The 2024 Summer School on Combinatorics and Algorithms is a venue for students and early-career researchers to learn selected topics in theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics. It will be a great opportunity for young and aspiring researchers to study topics which are important but not covered during the lectures in the university classes. This

2024 Korean Student Combinatorics Workshop (KSCW2024, 2024 조합론 학생 워크샵)

Gongju Hanok Village, Gongju

Venue Gongju Hanok Vilage (공주한옥마을) Organizers Donggyu Kim (김동규), KAIST and IBS Discrete Mathematics Group Seokbeom Kim (김석범), KAIST and IBS Discrete Mathematics Group Seonghyuk Im (임성혁), KAIST and IBS Extremal Combinatorics and Probability Group Hyunwoo Lee (이현우), KAIST and IBS Extremal Combinatorics and Probability Group  

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