Nonlinear Algebra in Daejeon (Postponed)

IBS Science Culture Center

Program Summer School @ KAIST (August 4-7, 2020) Discussion Weekend (August 8-9, 2020) Workshop @ IBS Science Culture Center (August 10-13, 2020) Website: Organizing Committee Insong Choe (Konkuk U.) Kangjin Han (DGIST) David Hyeon (SNU) Sijong Kwak (KAIST) Yongnam Lee (KAIST) Anton Leykin (Georgia Tech) Sang-il Oum (IBS & KAIST) Frank Sottile (TAMU)

Yunbum Kook (국윤범), Vertex Sparsification for Edge Connectivity

Room B232 IBS (기초과학연구원)

Graph compression or sparsification is a basic information-theoretic and computational question. A major open problem in this research area is whether $(1+\epsilon)$-approximate cut-preserving vertex sparsifiers with size close to the number of terminals exist. As a step towards this goal, we initiate the study of a thresholded version of the problem: for a given parameter $c$,

Tuan Tran, Anti-concentration phenomena

Room B232 IBS (기초과학연구원)

Let $X$ be a real random variable; a typical anti-concentration inequality asserts that (under certain assumptions) if an interval $I$ has small length, then $\mathbb{P}(X\in I)$ is small, regardless the location of $I$. Inequalities of this type have found powerful applications in many branches of mathematics. In this talk we will discuss several recent applications

Gwenaël Joret, Packing and covering balls in graphs excluding a minor


In 2007, Chepoi, Estellon, and Vaxès conjectured that there exists a universal constant $c>0$ such that the following holds for every positive integers $r$ and $k$, and every planar graph $G$: Either $G$ contains $k$ vertex-disjoint balls of radius $r$, or there is a subset of vertices of size at most $c k$ meeting all


2020 IBS Workshop on Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics (postponed)

Room B234 IBS (기초과학연구원)

Date August 24, 2020 - August 28, 2020 Arrival: August 23 Sunday. Departure: August 29, Saturday Venue Institute for Basic Science,  55 Expo-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea Invited Speakers Julia Böttcher, London School of Economics Boris Bukh, Carnegie Mellon University Amin Coja-Oghlan, Goethe University David Conlon, Caltech Penny Haxell, University of Waterloo Hao Huang, Emory University Jeff Kahn, Rutgers University


2020 Combinatorics Workshop

Kyung Hee University (경희대학교) - Space21 B110 Seoul

Combinatorics Workshop (조합론 학술대회) is the biggest annual conference in combinatorics in Korea. It was firstly held in 2004 by the Yonsei University BK21 Research Group. It has been advised by the committee of discrete mathematics of the Korean Mathematical Society since 2013. The aim of this workshop is to bring active researchers with different

Sebastian Siebertz, Rank-width meets stability


Forbidden graph characterizations provide a convenient way of specifying graph classes, which often exhibit a rich combinatorial and algorithmic theory. A prime example in graph theory are classes of bounded tree-width, which are characterized as those classes that exclude some planar graph as a minor. Similarly, in model theory, classes of structures are characterized by