Kevin Hendrey, Extremal functions for sparse minors

Room B232 IBS (기초과학연구원)

The extremal function $c(H)$ of a graph $H$ is the supremum of densities of graphs not containing $H$ as a minor, where the density of a graph is the ratio of the number of edges to the number of vertices. Myers and Thomason (2005), Norin, Reed, Thomason and Wood (2020), and Thomason and Wales (2019)

Paul Seymour, TBA

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Jaehoon Kim (김재훈), 2-complexes with unique embeddings in 3-space

Room B232 IBS (기초과학연구원)

A well-known theorem of Whitney states that a 3-connected planar graph admits an essentially unique embedding into the 2-sphere. We prove a 3-dimensional analogue: a simply-connected 2-complex every link graph of which is 3-connected admits an essentially unique locally flat embedding into the 3-sphere, if it admits one at all. This can be thought of

Fedor Fomin, TBA

Zoom ID: 934 3222 0374 (ibsdimag)
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