Kevin Hendrey, A unified half-integral Erdős-Pósa theorem for cycles in graphs labelled by multiple abelian groups

Room B232 IBS (기초과학연구원)

Erdős and Pósa proved in 1965 that there is a duality between the maximum size of a packing of cycles and the minimum size of a vertex set hitting all cycles. Such a duality does not hold if we restrict to odd cycles.  However, in 1999, Reed proved an analogue for odd cycles by relaxing packing

Debsoumya Chakraborti, Some classical problems in graph saturation

Room B232 IBS (기초과학연구원)

Graph saturation is one of the oldest areas of investigation in extremal combinatorics. A graph $G$ is called $F$-saturated if $G$ does not contain a subgraph isomorphic to $F$, but the addition of any edge creates a copy of $F$. The function $\operatorname{sat}(n,F)$ is defined to be the minimum number of edges in an $n$-vertex

Yixin Cao (操宜新), Recognizing (unit) interval graphs by zigzag graph searches

Room B232 IBS (기초과학연구원)

Corneil, Olariu, and Stewart presented a recognition algorithm for interval graphs by six graph searches. Li and Wu simplified it to only four. The great simplicity of the latter algorithm is however eclipsed by the complicated and long proofs. The main purpose of this paper is to present a new and significantly shorter proof for

Édouard Bonnet, Twin-width and ordered binary structures

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The twin-width of a graph G can be defined as the least integer d such that there is a sequence of length |V(G)| of (strictly) coarser and coarser partitions of its vertex set V(G), and every part X of every partition P of the sequence has at most d other parts Y of P with

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