The 2023 Vertex-Minor Workshop was held from October 15 to 20 at Jeju

The 2023 Vertex-Minor Workshop was held from October 15, 2023 to October 20, 2023 at SONO Belle Jeju in Korea. This workshop aimed to foster collaborative discussions and explore the various aspects of vertex-minors, including structural theory and their applications. There were 17 participants from Korea, Italy, UK, Australia, Japan, and China and participants had great time to discuss open problems related to the vertex-minors of graphs.


  • October 16: Sang-il Oum, Survey of vertex-minors
  • October 17: O-joung Kwon, The grid theorem for vertex-minors
  • October 17: James Davies, Vertex-minors and preparing graph states
  • October 17: Paul Wollan, Flat-wall theorem for vertex-minors



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