Seog-Jin Kim (김석진), Online DP-coloring of graphs

Online list coloring and DP-coloring are generalizations of list coloring that attracted considerable attention recently. Each of the paint number, $\chi_P(G)$, (the minimum number of colors needed for an online coloring of $G$) and the DP-chromatic number, $\chi_{DP}(G)$, (the minimum number of colors needed for a DP-coloring of $G$) is at least the list chromatic number, $\chi_\ell(G)$, of $G$ and can be much larger. On the other hand, each of them has a number of useful properties.
We introduce a common generalization, online DP-coloring, of online list coloring and DP-coloring and to study its properties. This is joint work with Alexandr Kostochka, Xuer Li, and Xuding Zhu.

Seog-Jin Kim (김석진), Signed colouring and list colouring of k-chromatic graphs

A signed graph is a pair (G, σ), where G is a graph and σ: E(G) → {1,-1} is a signature of G. A set S of integers is symmetric if I∈S implies that -i∈S. A k-colouring of (G,σ) is a mapping f:V(G) → Nk such that for each edge e=uv, f(x)≠σ(e) f(y), where Nk is a symmetric integer set of size k. We define the signed chromatic number of a graph G to be the minimum integer k such that for any signature σ of G, (G, σ) has a k-colouring.

Let f(n,k) be the maximum signed chromatic number of an n-vertex k-chromatic graph. This paper determines the value of f(n,k) for all positive integers n ≥ k. Then we study list colouring of signed graphs. A list assignment L of G is called symmetric if L(v) is a symmetric integer set for each vertex v. The weak signed choice number ch±w(G) of a graph G is defined to be the minimum integer k such that for any symmetric k-list assignment L of G, for any signature σ on G, there is a proper L-colouring of (G, σ). We prove that the difference ch±w(G)-χ±(G) can be arbitrarily large. On the other hand, ch±w(G) is bounded from above by twice the list vertex arboricity of G. Using this result, we prove that ch±w(K2⋆n)= χ±(K2⋆n) = ⌈2n/3⌉ + ⌊2n/3⌋. This is joint work with Ringi Kim and Xuding Zhu.