O-joung Kwon (권오정) gave a survey talk on the MIM-width of graphs at the Discrete Math Seminar

On May 19, 2020, O-joung Kwon (권오정) from Incheon National University and IBS Discrete Mathematics Group presented a survey talk on the MIM-width of graphs. The title of his talk was “Mim-width: a width parameter beyond rank-width“.

Note added on June 2020
After I presented the talk, Benjamin Bergougnoux commented me that the claim of (Boyaci, Ekim, Shalom 17) at 1:02:40 was recently disproved by Kratochvíl, Masařík, and Novotná (https://arxiv.org/abs/2002.08311). I would like to thank Benjamin for the comment. Whether or not there is a polynomial-time algorithm for Max Cut on proper interval graphs is still open.
O-joung Kwon