Invited minisymposium on the structural graph theory at CanaDAM2023

Sang-il Oum and Sebastian Wiederrecht organized an invited minisymposium at the CanaDAM 2023 (Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic Mathematics) held in Winnipeg, Canada on June 5-8, 2023. Here is the list of speakers for the minisymposium.

  • Paul Wollan (Sapienza University of Rome): “Tree decompositions into subgraphs of bounded radius”
  • Jan Kurkofka (University of Birmingham): “Canonical decompositions of 3-connected graphs”
  • Stephan Kreutzer (Technische Universität Berlin): “Towards a structure theorem for digraph minors”
  • Sebastian Wiederrecht (IBS Discrete Mathematics Group): “Universal obstructions in graph minors”
  • Youngho Yoo (Texas A&M University): “Erdős-Pósa property in undirected group-labelled graphs”
  • Eunjung Kim (LAMSADE, Université Paris-Dauphine): “When twin-width is the right measure”
  • Chun-Hung Liu (Texas A&M University): “Minor-closed families are defectively perfect”
  • Raphael Steiner (ETH Zürich): “Digraphs of large out-degree: problems and new results”
  • J. Pascal Gollin (IBS Discrete Mathematics Group): “A structural theory for odd minors”
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