Jaehyeon Seo (서재현), A rainbow Turán problem for color-critical graphs

For given $k$ graphs $G_1,\dots, G_k$ over a common vertex set of size $n$, what conditions on $G_i$ ensures a ‘colorful’ copy of $H$, i.e. a copy of $H$ containing at most one edge from each $G_i$?

Keevash, Saks, Sudakov, and Verstraëte defined $\operatorname{ex}_k(n,H)$ to be the maximum total number of edges of the graphs $G_1,\dots, G_k$ on a common vertex set of size $n$ having no colorful copy of $H$. They completely determined $\operatorname{ex}_k(n,K_r)$ for large $n$ by showing that, depending on the value of $k$, one of the two natural constructions is always the extremal construction. Moreover, they conjectured the same holds for every color-critical graphs and proved it for $3$-color-critical graphs.

We prove their conjecture for $4$-color-critical graphs and for almost all $r$-color-critical graphs when $r > 4$. Moreover, we show that for every non-color-critical non-bipartite graphs, none of the two natural constructions is extremal for certain values of $k$. This is a joint work with Debsoumya Chakraborti, Jaehoon Kim, Hyunwoo Lee, and Hong Liu.

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