Jaiung Jun (전재웅), On the Hopf algebra of multi-complexes

In combinatorics, Hopf algebras appear naturally when studying various classes of combinatorial objects, such as graphs, matroids, posets or symmetric functions. Given such a class of combinatorial objects, basic information on these objects regarding assembly and disassembly operations are encoded in the algebraic structure of a Hopf algebra. One then hopes to use algebraic identities of a Hopf algebra to return to combinatorial identities of combinatorial objects of interest.

In this talk, I introduce a general class of combinatorial objects, which we call multi-complexes, which simultaneously generalizes graphs, hypergraphs and simplicial and delta complexes. I also introduce a combinatorial Hopf algebra obtained from multi-complexes. Then, I describe the structure of the Hopf algebra of multi-complexes by finding an explicit basis of the space of primitives, which is of combinatorial relevance. If time permits, I will illustrate some potential applications.

This is joint work with Miodrag Iovanov. 

Jaiung Jun (전재웅), The Hall algebra of the category of matroids

To an abelian category A satisfying certain finiteness conditions, one can associate an algebra H_A (the Hall algebra of A) which encodes the structures of the space of extensions between objects in A. For a non-additive setting, Dyckerhoff and Kapranov introduced the notion of proto-exact categories, as a non-additive generalization of an exact category, which is shown to suffice for the construction of an associative Hall algebra. In this talk, I will discuss the category of matroids in this perspective.

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