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Service to the society

Mathematical Olympiads

I was involved in selecting and educating highly gifted students in Korea to compete in International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). For 2011-2012 and 2017-2018, I was an executive member of the Board of Trustees, Korean Mathematical Society in charge of the Korean Mathematical Olympiad (KMO).

KAIST Math Problem of the Week

I managed the KAIST Math Problem of the Week (2008-2012, 2014-2018), jointly with Prof. Ji Oon Lee.


Until the end of November 2018, I had been one of the founding editors of the Horizon, a math and science blog run by KIAS.

Writing articles

  • “2012년 아벨상 수상자의 업적 – 헝가리 출신 수학자 세머레디 교수”, The Newsletter of KMS, Korean Mathematical Society, vol. 148, pp. 7-9, March 2013.
  • “2012년 국제수학올림피아드(IMO) 참가 보고”, The Newsletter of KMS, Korean Mathematical Society, vol. 145, pp. 13-22, Sep. 2012.
  • 불규칙에서 규칙성 찾은’수학자, 아벨상 수상자로“, 사이언스 온, 한겨레신문(주), March 23, 2012.
    (explaining the work of E. Szemerédi after he was announced as the Abel prize winner of 2012.)
  • Hot Math (따끈따끈한 수학), Math Donga, 2016.1-2019.12 (Monthly articles on a mathematics magazine called the Math Donga 수학동아.)
  • “수학자의 시선” (Viewpoint from a mathematician), 서울신문 (Seoul Shinmun), 2019.8-2020.5.

Public talks

Other services

  • IBS Rules and Regulations Review Committee (원규심의위원회), 2019.7.-.
  • KAIST 영재교육위원회 위원, 2015.4.9-.
  • KAIST Press 편집기획위원회 위원, 2012.12.1-2016.11.30.
  • KAIST 정보기술위원회 위원, 2011.5.1-2015.5.31.
  • KAIST 정원 및 캠퍼스혁신 소위원회, 2014.3.1-2014.6.30.
  • KAIST 홍보위원회, 2011.2.21-2013.2.20.
  • Director of Graduate Studies (대학원주임), Department of Mathematical Sciences, 2017.3.13.-2018.10.31.
  • 아슬라 심포지엄 학술위원회(구. 국제학술심층토론회 운영위원회), KIST, 2016.10.-2019.7.