2021 Combinatorics Workshop (2021 조합론 학술대회)

The Bloomvista

The Combinatorics Workshop (조합론 학술대회) is an annual conference of combinatorialists in Korea that started in 2004 by the Yonsei University BK21 Research Group. Since 2013, this workshop has been advised by the committee of discrete mathematics of the Korean Mathematical Society. This year it will take place at The Bloomvista in Yangpyeong on December

MATRIX-IBS Workshop: Structural Graph Theory Downunder II

MATRIX, Australia

This program consists of a short intensive workshop, where mathematicians from across the globe will come together to work on open problems in structural graph theory. We will consider the following research themes: graph minors, graph colouring, Hadwiger’s Conjecture, bounded expansion classes, graph product structure theory, generalised colouring numbers, VC dimension, induced subgraphs, Erdős-Hajnal conjecture,

IBS ECOPRO Opening conference

Zoom ID: 878 0445 3986 (ibsecopro) [CLOSED]

To celebrate the opening of the IBS ECOPRO (Extremal Combinatorics and Probability) Group, we will organize a 3-day online conference from April 4 to April 6. Official Website: https://www.ibs.re.kr/ecopro/event/opening/ Invited Speakers Noga Alon Princeton University József Balogh University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Jeff Kahn Rutgers University Mihyun Kang Graz University of Technology Jeong Han Kim

KSIAM 2022 Spring Meeting

IBS Science Culture Center

KSIAM (Korean Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics) will have the KSIAM 2022 Spring Conference at the Institute for Basic Science (IBS). Its academic session for Combinatorics decided to have an invited talk by Joonkyung Lee at the Hanyang University, a special session "Graph Theory" organized by Sang-il Oum and the IBS DIMAG, a special session "Enumerative Combinatorics"

The 2nd Workshop on Developments in Combinatorics

Zoom ID: 346 934 4087 (202209)

Official website (with the abstract) https://www.ibs.re.kr/ecopro/online-workshop-developments-in-combinatorics/ Invited Speakers Nov. 28 Monday Jie Han, Beijing Institute of Technology 15:30 Seoul, 14:30 Beijing, 06:30 UK, 07:30 EU Joonkyung Lee (이준경), Hanyang University 16:10 Seoul, 15:10 Beijing, 07:10 UK, 08:10 EU Lior Gishboliner, ETH Zürich 16:50 Seoul, 15:50 Beijing, 07:50 UK, 08:50 EU Alex Scott, University of Oxford

MATRIX-IBS Workshop: Structural Graph Theory Downunder III

MATRIX, Australia

Website: https://www.matrix-inst.org.au/events/structural-graph-theory-downunder-iii/ Program Description:  This program, jointly organised by MATRIX and the Discrete Mathematics Group of the Korean Institute for Basic Science (IBS), builds on the “Structural Graph Theory Downunder” programs held at MATRIX in 2019 and 2022. In this short intensive workshop, mathematicians from across the globe will come together to work on open

Open Symposium at the Discrete Mathematics Group

Room B109 IBS (기초과학연구원)

Program 9:40-10:05: Sang-il OUM, Obstructions for dense analogs of tree-depth 10:05-10:20: Kevin HENDREY, Structural and extremal results for twin-width 10:20-10:35: Rutger CAMPBELL, Down-sets in combinatorial posets 10:35-10:50: Linda COOK, Reuniting 𝜒-boundedness with polynomial 𝜒-boundedness

2023 Mini-Workshop on Discrete Geometry

Room B332 IBS (기초과학연구원)

2023 Mini-Workshop on Discrete Geometry will be held on August 9th at Room B332, Institute for Basic Science (IBS), Daejeon, Republic of Korea. The workshop consists of three presentations on recent results and an open problem session. Researchers who are highly interested in this field are welcome to attend. Tentative schedule 10:00-10:50 Michael Dobbins (SUNY

2023 Vertex-Minor Workshop


This workshop aims to foster collaborative discussions and explore the various aspects of vertex-minors, including structural theory and their applications. This event will be small-scale, allowing for focused talks and meaningful interactions among participants. Website: https://indico.ibs.re.kr/event/596/

The 3rd East Asia Workshop on Extremal and Structural Graph Theory

The Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa

The 3rd East Asia Workshop on Extremal and Structural Graph Theory is a workshop to bring active researchers in the field of extremal and structural graph theory, especially in the East Asia such as China, Japan, and Korea. Website: http://tgt.ynu.ac.jp/2023EastAsia.html

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