List of upcoming meetings in discrete mathematics, combinatorics, and graph theory

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July 2022

July 4 – July 8

11th International Colloquium on Graph Theory (ICGT 2022)
Montpellier; France

July 4 – July 6

Discrete Mathematics Days 2022
Santander; Spain

July 5 – July 16

Summer Graduate School — Random Graphs
Berkeley; USA

July 11 – July 15

29th British Combinatorial Conference (BCC2022)
Lancaster; UK

July 11 – July 15

Prague Summer School on Discrete Mathematics (PSSDM2022)
Prague; Czech Republic

July 18 – July 22

Young Researchers in Combinatorics
Edinburgh; UK

September 2022

September 4 – September 9

30th Workshop Cycles and Colourings, dedicated to 70th birthday of Mirko Horňák (C&C 2022)
Nový Smokovec, High Tatras; Slovakia

September 5 – September 9

Geometry meets Combinatorics in Bielefeld
Bielefeld; Germany

September 18 – September 24

9th Polish Combinatorial Conference
Bedlewo; Poland

September 26 – September 30

Workshop on Graph Limits, Non-Parametric Models, and Estimation
Berkeley; USA