Journal Papers

  • Excluding the fork and the antifork (with Maria Chudnovsky and Paul Seymour) Discrete Mathematics 343.5 (2020): 111786. (Awarded Editor’s Choice).
  • Detecting a long even hole (with Paul Seymour) submitted.
  • Graphs with all holes the same length (with Jake Horsfield, Myriam Preissmann, Cléopheé Robin, Paul Seymour, Ni Luh Dewi Sintiari, Nicolas Trotignon, Kristina Vušković) in progress.
  • Quantifying Structural Relationships of Metal Binding Sites Suggests Origins of Biological Electron Transfer (Yana Bromberg, Ariel Aptekmann, Yannick Mahlich, Linda Cook, Stefan Senn, Maximilian Miller, Vikas Nanda, Diego Ferreiro, and Paul Falkowski) submitted.

Conference Papers

  • A tight local algorithm for the minimum dominating set problem in outerplanar graphs (with Marthe Bonamy, Carla Groenland and Alexandra Wesolek) accepted to DISC 2021 (35th International Symposium on Distributed Computing).