Network Analysis

Photos of the Institute of Applied Systems Analysis.

I have done two research internships applying network analysis to biological/ecological problems using high performance computing.

In the summer of 2017, I was an intern at the Institute for Applied Systems Analysis in Laxenburg, Austria. I worked on the network analysis of aquatic food webs. My supervisors were Elena Rovenskaya from the Applied Systems Analysis group and Ulf Dieckmann from the Evolution and Ecology Program. My main contribution to the project was creating and running analysis code via high performance computing.

I was an undergraduate intern at Yana Bromberg’s lab in bioinformatics. My primary job was to construct and analyze a protein structural similarity network to identify possible evolutionary relationships. I used python, unix, and of course distributed computing to accomplish this task.

My work is included in a paper submitted by the lab: Quantifying Structural Relationships of Metal Binding Sites Suggests Origins of Biological Electron Transfer (Yana Bromberg, Ariel Aptekmann, Yannick Mahlich, Linda Cook, Stefan Senn, Maximilian Miller, Vikas Nanda, Diego Ferreiro, and Paul Falkowski).